Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does it take to match Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor?
  • The time-frame to be matched with the surrogate mother is 1-3 months and depends from patient’s individual requests regarding this issue. 
  • Is it necessary the existence of both parents for signing the contract?
  • It is not necessary the existence of both parents in Georgia, you can prepare the power of attorney.
  • How many cycles you do every year and what´s your success rate?
  • We perform around 8-10 surrogacy cycles per month and the success rate is over 85 %. 
  • Extra compensation for surrogate mother in case of c section? 
  • no extra compensation 
  • Extra medication costs in case of c section?
  •  No extra compensation
  • How I have to pay for all risks during the pregnancy?
  • Within the Guarantee surrogacy package all the pregnancy complication risks are covered until the live birth is achieved.
  • Could you please provide more details about how do you select surrogate mothers and how do you manage them? what tests you do for them during the pregnancy?  Am I able to have live chat or visit her in person during her pregnancy?
  • We have our own Surrogate Mother database and our main selection criteria are the following: 
  • Age: 18-35 
  • Having at least one own child
  • Generally healthy (confirmed with all fresh    medical examinations and tests) 
  • Living with healthy, family life. 
  • Term delivery in the history (preferably vaginal, but could also be 1 C-section) 

We make all standard examinations and tests for them during pregnancy according to the international Guidelines of Antenatal care and all additional tests per need and according to the pregnancy development. Intended parents are continuously updated about the visits and check-up results from the personal treating doctor and the ultrasound pictures and videos are continuously shared with them. 

For sure you can have constant communication with the surrogate mother and even visit her when you wish to. 

  • Can I ask for abortion, if the baby has some defect, such as down syndrome or any other genetic defects?
  •  If baby is detected to be with congenital anomaly like down syndrome etc. you are allowed to ask for the abortion. We frequently perform the NIPT tests (like Harmony test, Panorama test) for our surrogate mothers, which detects most frequent congenital anomalies on early weeks of gestation.
  • Am I able to use two SM at the same time?
  • We have big database of SM and we can prepare several of them at the same time.